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Number one Home Lodge means in our directory you need to feel at home away from home, please come in.

We offer wireless internet connection called Always on, if you don’t know what it is, please Google it.

We serve dinner for our guests in Zebranos Café, and by the way Arbez is Zebra spelt backwards. Ps. Now you try to forget that one!! Please book your dinner in advance and we will make sure to challenge your mother’s home cook meals.

Smoking. We know, a touchy subject. Our rooms are non-smoking but we do have patios with most rooms to cater for the smokers.

If you stay in our area, your birthday party could be pirates coming together, Celebrities having lunch and lately we have the Cowboy theme that keep the neighbours awake, and of course your type of ladies mornings. Having breakfast with your colleagues also a good idea. Like we said, just book in advance.

Group accommodation with always entice a discount, while for the companies we offer conference with a light lunch.

Being in the Industry for 12 years also enquire about our long term options, this works well for the singles, moving house or country, family visits and of course if you can afford it, stay up to a year.

Our day to day accommodation do include breakfast or if you are an early bird, let’s say before five thirty you can expect a breakfast box to take with. Our dinner starts at 7, and our staff knocks off at 22:00, please arrange for late arrivals.

We are a pet friendly Home Lodge if you and your animals can behave. That means pee-pee and poo-poo will be no problem and our other guests will not be disturbed by your loving pet.

The décor at Arbez Home Lodge was done by a tall, weird lady, please enquire if you would be interested in your own wall décor, Kiddies rooms are also a treat.

Our Gym Facilities are out the gate, turn left pass the circle down to Katz street, turn right at T-junction, turn left into Rob Louw street, at our primary school turn left into Neil street, when you see the white wall with “God is never late, not on time, God in always SPOT ON” you know you are back at Arbez Home Lodge. This means: Pack your running shoes!! Or for those who wrestle with the weights we have an in house Private Gym Facility as well.

We have a facebook friend, page and a Linked profile but haven’t bite into the twitter thing yet, so please visit.

Thank you for choosing Arbez Home Lodge and see you in the future!

With Love,

Disa and Proud Arbez Staff


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